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New sites
Shaven Wookie
A ton of info to much to list, some humor and info on novels. Make sure you check this site out.
Links to Star Wars sites!
Small site with some top notch links. Worth the click. If you are a webmaster of a Star Wars site submit your link and make the list grow. Thanks for the link back!
Collectibles Down Under
Looking for some Star Wars collectibles from Austrailia then go here. Some good info on bootleg stuff as well
Dave' Star Wars Page
A bit of prequel info, a desktop section for cursor's and wallpaper. Check out the survey.
The Sith Temple
This site is dedicated to all the Dark Lords of the Sith, the Dark Side, and Star Wars in general. Some great info on the Sith
Star Wars: The Jedi
A good listing of links, a few images, some info on the Force and the Jedi code. Thanks for the link back!
The existing list
The official Star Wars site if you haven't been there, what the hell are you doing here.
Don Post Studios 
Order a mask of your favorite character. Some cool stuff here.
The Starwars Fanatic Page
If you have a Star Wars site go here to add your link. Cool page.
Star Wars Collectibles 
Go here if your into posters, masks, toys, etc.
The Star Wars Extravaganza
Tons of multimedia, movies, pics etc
Star Wars Picture Archive 
Are you looking for some Star Wars pics? Check this site out. Loads of pics from the Special Edition and the original.
Dark Jedi Academy
Are you into ccg, then this the is place for you.
 Griz's Star Wars Online Database
This site is totally awesome, great layout. Everything you need is here pics, music, prequel info. A must see.

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