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The stormtrooper is the soldier of the Empire, serving by the thousands in highly-trained regiments across space.Their characteristic white armor conceals the blackness of the minds beneath, which have been molded flawlessly into mere extensions of the Emperor's will.They cannot be bribed, influenced or pleaded with; they are carefully selected for their unquestioning determination to serve Palpitine's to the death.

The exact origin of the Empire's stormtrooper ranks is a mystery, but their almost mindless loyalty to the Emperor has lead to much speculation.Many believe that they are specially selected and trained, drawn from a vast pool of shock troops kept at the ready at what could possibly be an advanced trooper training facility on an unknown planet.Others have conjectured that the Empire has utterly disregarded the moral precepts held during the days of the Republic and is growing these troops through an accelerated cloning process.In that case, these fierce soldiers would exist solely for the purpose of furthering Imperial causes and have no concept of individual lives, rights, or thoughts.

The Standard stormtrooper uniform consists of a black, temperature controlled body glove, over which is worn a white, shaped, 18 piece anti-blaster cocoon shell.This durable uniform is a practical spacesuit, which will protest its wearer in almost any environment, from total vacuum to extremes in cold and heat for a limited time.Breathable air is normally taken in through filtered vent slots in the sides of the uniform helmet, but in emergency situations as in movement underwater or through open space a 20 minute atmosphere supply built into the armors backplate automatically provides the wearer with oxygen.

The eyelenses of the uniform helmet automatically polarize against intensive glare, providing troopers with enhanced combat vision.A voice activated comlink provides constant communications with other troopers, and also allows face to face conversation via a small speaker in the "mouth" position.A utility belt worn around the waist of the armored bodysuit contains food rations, emergency power cells, basic survival equipment and a spare comlink.

Just as there are specialized tasks for the Imperial stormtroopers to perform, so, too, is their armor specialized.Uniform variants include those of the scout trooper, the snowtrooper, seatrooper (a lightly armored suit designed for swimming) and the sandtrooper.The armor of the zero-g stormtrooper, used for space combat or when non-airlock boarding of vessels is required, is not so much a uniform as it is a robot suit designed to provide power and air for prolonged periods.Built in weaponry and laser cutting tools make this soldier quite formidable indeed.

Officers are generally distinguished from their subordinates by shoulder pauldron, which is usually black, though sandtroopers have been observed with orange shoulder pauldrons.Since all uniform stormtroopers look alike, this provides the only clue as to just who is giving the orders.Stormtroopers support the two arms of the Emperor's military might: the ground forces for land and the sea movement and the Imperial fleet in air and space battle.

One special detachment of troopers serves as the Emperor's Royal Guard.These men fit exacting size, intelligence and loyalty requirements, and ar garbed in flowing red robes with hardened plastoid helmets of the same color.

It must be emphasized that stormtroopers operate independently of the military and answer directly to the Emperor.They have their own chain of command and follow the Imperial army and navy at their "discretion."

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