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The Dark Lord of Sith
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The Dark Lord requires you to bow before continuing.
Darth Vader has and always will be my favorite villian.That is why this site is here, this is my tribute to the Dark Lord.  

You will find a gallery of Vader pics, and Imperial Forces, a cool interactive section, some great desktop goods, information on the Empire, and a page of links.  

Please remember that there will always be new items added so check back as often as you like.I hope you enjoy this site as much as I did creating it.

The Dark Lord
We are undergoing major changes please be patient with us as we make these changes.
Andromeda Designs
(Last update July 24th 1998)

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What is thy bidding my master?
I am Your Father
Over 40 great looking pics of the Master himself.
Evil Empire
About 16 pics of Imperial Forces, there are some real nice shots in here.
You'll love this section, totally cool jigsaw puzzle that you put together.More interactive items are currently being developed for this section.
Evil Desktop
Evilwares for your Windows desktop, icons, startup and shutdown screens, and even some waves.Get Imperialsoft Windows 98.
Ever wanted to know what all of those lights did on Vader's chest plate, or how the Empire started.Great questions that need answered.I suggest you go her to find out more.
Links to some of my favorite Star Wars sites.
Let me know what you thought of this site.Or any improvements that could be made.I really enjoy the mail I get, and I will write back.
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Leave me a short message, and let me know what you liked about the site or what you didn't like.
 The Enforcers of the Dark Side